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8th Edition of DigiTalk focuses on Gauging the Fashion Industry in Digital World

The eighth session of DIGITALK, a monthly digital forum, was organized by TEC in Lahore at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club on “Fashion and Technology”

A panel discussion was moderated by Iftikhar Hussain VP Business and Strategy, TEC.

Mr. Adam Dawood, Head, shed light on the incorporation of technology to fashion. He shared that in August 2015, 54% of sales on was fashion related. He further said that we need to start defining e-commerce operationally in order to attract audiences significantly.

Mr. Ahmed Muzammil, Digital Transformation Consultant, Royal Tag said that there is a lot more than just e-commerce in fashion for technology. He emphasized on thinking out of the box and bringing in new ideas. He said that there is a dire need of encouraging people to integrate their innovative ideas and capability together in order to bring revolutionary changes in fashion world too. 

Mr. Ellie Jadoon, Manager Customer Services and E-commerce, Stoneage discussed that fashion brands that are capitalizing on e-commerce today will soon shift towards m-commerce. He said that malls culture that has created hype in our society will soon be dissolved and technology will emerge at its peak. He exemplified New York where there are now less malls that is due to their rapid shift towards technology. He also shared that there are brands in Pakistan like Elan, Sana Safinaz who don’t have many retail shops and almost most all of their sales occur through online shopping. 


Concluding the session Mr. Zain Majid, CEO, TEC presented the souvenirs of appreciation to the speakers. He also thanked Happilac paints for their support in building the digital ecosystem.

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