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BodyBeat Recreational Center (aka BBRC) proudly announces the first advanced fitness challenge of its kind, #BodyMakeOverChallenge. On 20th September 2016 BBRC invites the most renowned fitness gurus and instructors to come and complete under on roof. With the rise of a health conscious market sporting goods, healthy meals and fitness programs have become the new FAD. Amongst the participants are Mohammad Wasif, Mantaha Tareen, Rizwan Noor, Nusrat Hidayatullah, Zeeshan Shafi, Torsam Tajik, Ahmed, Amir Anees and many others.

The session will begin by an advanced fitness class directed by Mohammad Wasif and his team. Mohammad Wasif has been merited with a certification from Shapes Health Stuido that relies on ACSM guidelines. We has also participated in fitness workshops for TRX, Cross Fit, Sports specific training, Nutrition, Biomechanics (Human Body Movements with Dr. Mark Slaven RTS123). He is also the lead Fitness Expert for BBRC program BodyMakeOver. Last but not the least Mohammad Wasif has also led the fitness challenges in both Unilever and Procter and Gamble Pakistan.

Following the advanced class will be the challenges.

Challenge 1: #handstandpushups – Ticket to Dubai
Challenger 2: #staticsquat – Tissot Watch
Challenge 3: #pushupchallenge – Scensation voucher
Challenge 4: #plankoneleglifted – Scensation voucher
Challenge 5: #oneminutecurlup – Scensation voucher
Challenge 6: #dancersize – Scensation voucher (Judged my Mantahaa Tareen Maqsood)

BBRC was established by Hasan Rizvi as the first dance and fitness center that caters to people from all walks of life. It was established with the sole purpose to provide a recreational center to all that choose a healthier lifestyle. Since then we have housed some of the most renowned Program Directors in the country from the likes of, Salina Taqi, Semi Shoro, Hasan Rizvi, Rizwan Nor, Babar Javed, Maha Ali, Zarmeena & Breakhna Yusuf, Benazir Azeem, Sami Khan, Tanya Muzafar amongst many others. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Tapal Green Tea and Wheatables for supporting us on this platform.

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