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[Book Review] Omar Zafarullah’s “A hundred Journeys ~ Stories of my fatherland”

A hundred Journeys ~ Stories of my fatherland is an interesting read. One wonders after reading only its name. Why it is the stories of Omar’s fatherland and not the motherland? I got a chance to meet Omar Zafarullah at a meet and greet session with the author. Omar said that “all stories you read in my book are from my paternal side. This book traces the stories of Zafarullahs. That is one reason for me. That is why it was named stories of my fatherland”.

Omar has addressed this book to his son, Hyder. Omar has intended to make this book a manual for living for his son. “I lost my father when I was very young. I lost him in a road accident. I remember that time very clearly. It just took him ninety seconds. I was not sure what to ask him in those ninety seconds. I was a young boy. I had so many questions. But fate did not give me that kind of time. So if my son has to face a similar fate some day, I want him to have this manual from his father.”


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“We are the quiet grace of Hassan Sardaar as a snaked his body and his hockey stick and the ball through five defenders to defeat India in India. We are the mythic picture conjured by lonely radio commentator as the ball flies instantly from a wiry Hanif to the brothers Kalim and Salim at right-out to left-out in Buenos Aires and in Rome as we brought down team after team to get gold after gold. We are the small town confidence of a silver medal team who threw their medals to the ground when the referee robbed them of their gold against Germany. We do not turn the other cheek. Yes, this is what we are.” Perfectly sums up the book! What a read it has been. #books #history #azireads #reading #bookreading #blogger #AmazingAzlan #ahundredjourneys #OmarZafarullah #Pakistan #hockey #pkhockey #motivation

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A hundred Journeys ~ Stories of my fatherland take you through the life of a family, and the country they reside in. Important political incidents which have had deep social impact over life in Pakistan are discussed in this book. It is abstract and factual both at the same time. The narration is simple and that is what makes reading this book real fun. Omar’s writing is fresh. It does not follow the confinements of those who have written a lot many stories. The rawness of his writing style makes his book different from the lot. For all those who enjoy reading fact and fiction together, this is a very good choice to read.

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