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Faryal Makhdoom talks about her Plastic Surgeries

The wife of famous Boxing star Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom is famous for spilling beans on the internet. She is one of the Pakistani personalities who are pretty active on social media or we can say that she is a social media celebrity.

Lately, the lady had a conversation with her Instagram followers over “Instagram ask me anything feature”. In the Instagram story, she replied to many questions about her personal life.

One of the followers asked Faryal if she had done any plastic surgery or not to which she replied that she has not gone through any such treatment. Furthermore, She said that she has only gotten lip fillers.

Here is what she exactly said:

This is not the first time when she was asked about plastic surgeries. She always has been trolled with many hinting her lip job.

Here is one such example:

In past, Faryal has never admitted of treatment but trolls never miss any opprtunity to bring her appearance and the change over the year under the discussion. What do you think about the story?

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