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[Interview] Meet Sofy of Teefa in Trouble AKA Fia Khan

She is a lady of many talents this Germany based supermodel has been associated with Pakistan’s glamour and entertainment industry for nearly 13 years. Now, this international fashion model is ready to add another feather to her hat as she now she is ready to appear on the big screen. Team MediaSpringPK spoke to this really amazing person, Fia Khan (Sofia) about her coming film Teefa in Trouble and here is what she said in reply to our questions.

1. The first look, the teaser looks super impressive, how excited are you for Teefa In Trouble?

Fia: I’m super excited because Pakistan has never seen such a production ever before. Especially the Europe part is to die for; apart from the production, the story is just so entertaining… I’m sure everyone will love it 😍


2. What is Teefa in Trouble about and who is Teefa a superhero or what?

Fia: Hmmmmm “Yeh Teefa koun hai” ????

3. What was one factor that made you sign Teefa as your first film project?

Fia: Ali Zafar, Polen & character 🙂

4. How was the experience of working alongside Ali Zafar?

Fia: In the last 13 Years, there have been a hundred times that I got the chance to work with him, but as a producer, it was the first time and I must say it was no way different from the that. He is very hardworking, goal-oriented, multitalented & above all the sweetest co-worker one can wish for.

5. Tell us about your role, who is she? how is she as a character did she challenge acting skills of Fia?

Fia: Sofy!! A glamours, modern, rich and a bit of arrogant women ! Rest see in cinemas 😉

6. How is this project different than your previous work be it modeling or acting?
Fia: It’s a film which is very different from modeling and drama anyways as the canvas is much much bigger. So, the experience is all over much bigger so is the learning experience.

7. Any particular moment from the film or any incident on the sets of TIT that you would like to share with us?
Fia:  All of those could reveal the story 😜 … wait for 20th July 😉

8. Who is your favorite character, besides yours, in the film TIT?
Fia: Teefa & Bonzo .

9. What is one particular thing about TIT that you think audience will like the most?
Fia: Story and the Music.

10. Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring Pk?
Fia: Thanks so much for the love and support MediaSpring and fans. Your love and support is the only thing that keeps us artist going; God bless you all.

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