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Grammy Nominee Simon Phillips To Arrive In Pakistan As Part Of Dreamstation Dream Series 2019

The Grammy Nominee Simon Phillips is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan on 21st February 2019 as part of Kashan Admani’s Dream Station Star Series 2019.

The superstar drummer Simon Phillips will be in Karachi to conduct a Masterclass with Dream Station Studios. Talking about the Masterclass, Phillips comments, “I’m very excited to be coming to Pakistan very soon as part of Dream Station Star Series. I’m going to be playing and I’m going to be giving you a workshop to music industry professionals and discussing engineering miking techniques, production, and all that good stuff.” This will mark his first ever visit to Pakistan. The drummer is scheduled to be in Karachi, Pakistan from 21st February to 2nd March 2019.

While addressing the need for creating growth avenues for Pakistani musicians, the creator of Dream Station Studios, Kashan Admani says, “I am extremely excited to announce the Dream Station Star Series. An event in which we are bringing famous international musicians to Pakistan to conduct masterclasses and workshops. We are bringing Simon Phillips who is one of the world’s biggest drummer, music producer and recording engineer and also a 2019 Grammy Nominee. We want local musicians to have access to international music stars they have been listening to and have been inspired by. We intend to provide them an opportunity to learn from the masters themselves and get motivation improve as music professionals.”

More detail about the Masterclass with Simon Phillips will be disclosed at a later date.

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