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Pakistani Animated Short Film ‘Machinepur’ Takes You On a Journey of Self Reflection

The 2D Animated short film by renowned artist Maaz Maudood was recently launched online to the delight of animated film lovers in Pakistan.

Machinepur, a story about finding purpose and meaning in a robotic world, is the journey of self-discovery that is relatable for audiences of all ages. The animated short takes the viewer on a journey of self-reflection through the eyes of a robot named ‘Circuit’ who goes from slavery to his awakening. After finding himself trapped in the routine created by the system, a dream leaves him with questions that had never been asked before. As he travels in search for answers, his life unfolds in front of him in ways he had never imagined. Based on a planet far far away, Machinepur is a ride to unexplored territories of our hearts.


The reason ‘Machinepur’ has received such a great response is because it speaks to everyone’s personal struggle of trying to achieve happiness and self-actualization whilst burdened with the responsibilities of what society expects of them.

Well known for his part in the band Kaavish, Maaz Maudood was motivated to create Machinepur so that he could inspire other people. After having learnt illustration and animation, he was hesitant to venture into this project at first.

My mind had convinced me that it is just not possible so I should just forget about even trying. I am grateful to my teacher for teaching me how to overcome that fear and stand up against the barriers of my mind. Everybody lives for their own selves, but the true beauty lies in using your time to do something meaningful that could make a difference in someone else’s life. That is the purpose of Machinepur”, he said, at the premier.

He continued, “Machinepur is a message of hope and love, the two things which we as human beings have forgotten. If Machinepur is able to help even one person see things differently and make a change in their thoughts and feelings for the better, then I believe the purpose will be fulfilled.”

Maaz thanked his teacher for his guidance, and his wife for her belief in him and his family and friends for their support. He said it was their encouragement that kept him motivated for 18 months as he walked the journey from writing the script, to illustrating, animating and creating the music.

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