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Simi Raheel has proved with her role in Marzi that why she is the one and she will remain the one.

Simi Raheel in Marzi Geo TV

The remarkable trouper actress of Pakistani TV plays, Simi Raheel, is indeed loved for her unusually striking characters and roles, she has swayed the scenes through her sincere acting skills.

As an actress, Simi Raheel is a woman of diversified talent. It happens quite often that she played totally contrasting roles and comes out victorious and impressing.

These days, Simi Raheel is portraying a role of a mentality disabled woman in the recently launched drama serial Marzi.

She is shown a widow living on the mercy of her son-in-law, who tries to suppress and dictates her children’s lives. Though being an insane woman, she cannot do much for her family, but still under mantle of insanity, she irks her son-in-law at any given time.

Playing such an intricate personality demanding insanity with a touch of serene sensibility, was a challenge itself, which Simi Raheel has accepted and nailed it!

Simi Raheel has set an incredible example for all the working women of our society. Also being a social activist for gender equality and women empowerment, she has amazingly proven her leadership qualities and deep warmth for humanity.



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