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All songs of Paksitani Film Actor in Law – Listen online here!

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Starring: Fahad Mustafa Mehwish Hayat & Om Puri With Aly Khan, Salim Mairaj, Saboor Aly

Music & Background Score: Shani Arshad

Sound Design: Arun Nambiar

Screen Play Story & Dialouge: Nabeel Qureshi, Fizza Ali Meerza

Cinematographer: Rana Kamran

Art Director: Noman Kashif

Editor: Asif Mumtaz

Choreographer: Nigah Hussain

Make-Up: Waqar Hussain – Jackson Samuel

Get Up: Fayyaz Malik

Legal Advisor: Umair Bachani

Di Post & VFX: Sharpimage


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