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Wiqar Ali Khan, Alizah Fatima Raza and Sidra Iqbal to be part of at Huawei P9 Launch in London

Huawei P9 is going to be launched globally on 6th April in London. Wiqar Ali Khan, Alizah Fatima Raza and Sidra Iqbal. are the high profile Pakistani celebs, renowned across the borders and media persons from Pakistan who are going to witness the launch of Huawei P9 in London.

These celebs have already reached London to be a part of the Huawei P9 unveil and launch event. Throughout their journey to the destination they have shared moments of high excitement and fun with the fans and social media followers.

Wiqar Ali Khan is the renowned personality across the globe. He has been working with and as high-profile model and host at national and international level. He has also worked in Hollywood and known as one of the most successful Pakistan base artist. Overall, he is an actor (Jalebee), model, host, filmmaker, creative writer, fashion designer and many more like these. But the recently revealed thing is that he is a Huawei brand lover. Hence he is on his mark to enjoy the glorious and a glamorous launch of Huawei P9 at London.

Similarly Aliza is part of a famous Pakistani fashion magazine “Papperazi” and she also has a great fan following at the social media due to her unmatched professional approach and creative style. She also has been updating her accounts while moving to London for the Huawei P9 launch event.

Sidra Iqbal is an internationally acclaimed broadcast journalist, development activist and popular youth icon from Pakistan. She presently hosts the primetime current affairs show Dialogue Tonight with Sidra Iqbal on Aaj News.

All of these above mentioned celebrities and Pakistani artist really admire Huawei the way it has revolutionized the smart phone technology. They are among the great fans of Huawei brand.  Huawei has been progressively heading towards its target to become the world No. 1 technology brand, especially when it comes to smart phones. Huawei P9 leaks have confirmed that the leading technology giant has worked out astonishing features and specifications and bridged the future ultramodern innovation with contemporary world.

Huawei P9 teaser images revealed by the company show hashtag “#OO”. That probably depicts a dual camera feature of the new flagship smart device. Moreover, a Chinese online portal “MyDrivers” have also posted a few images while claiming them for Huawei P9. The photos cleared that Huawei P9 has a wonderful and perfectly placed dual camera at the rear side of the smart phone. Also a dual flash could be seen in the said images alongside the dual camera. The photos revealed by this website show the Huawei President uses the Smartphone.

The images also indicate something below the flash, but this has not yet been described and the Huawei brand followers will soon know all the specifications at the launch event in London. Another teaser image of Huawei was there, showing the flagship device of Huawei to be captured underwater with a dolphin and a swimmer. This has sent an impression that may be Huawei is going to offer a waterproof smart phone to its customers. Again, it can only be confirmed in the London media launch of P9.

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