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Hajra Yamin to be Heer for NAPA’s international theatre Festival

Hajra Yamin, Famously known as pinky from her recent successful flick Pinky Memsaab is a talented, young actress who has been able to work in some really good projects since her debut in the movie Maan Jao Na..

Hajra started off her career from theatre and eventually moved to the big screen, however her love for theatre brings her back on stage periodically.

Hajra will now be performing on the 28th of March in the play “Heer” for NAPA’s international theatre Festival directed by Zain Ahmed. The cast of the play alongside Hajra is Maha Ali Syed, Shabana Hassan, Bakhtawar Mazhar, Masooma Nadir, and Mariam. The dancers are Vajdaan Shah and Zashanay and the music is by Nigel and his team.

The play started as an experiment by the director says Hajra, every actor got their own take on the script and thats how the script came into shape. Hajra will be playing the character of Heer. The play is a retelling from the perspective of Heer. Heer is portrayed as every woman and their perspective of Ranjha. The play features original writing, contemporary poetry, music and dance.

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