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Indian channel used a year old News Report of Huda Shah terms it war propaganda

As an aftermath of the recent sad Pulwama incident, the Indian media and many Indian artists have been venom spitting against Pakistan and are hell-bent to worsen the situation. Media plays a key role in molding the mindset and change opinion about issues. Indian media has been very irresponsible and caused a war hysteria in the region.

Recently an Indian channel used a year old News Report of 24 News, Lahore based national news channel, featuring Huda Shah. The video package is one year old and the Indian channel teamed it as part of “war propaganda” from Pakistan in the wake of the current situation.

Watch Video:

While it is interesting to see how Indian channels are cherry picking the facts just to support their narrative it is also pertinent to think what have are the roles and responsibilities of Pakistani news channels in the current situation in particular and overall. Making a video package about Pakistan’s missile arsenal with the copy and editing, as in above video package, is not a very good idea either.

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