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Seemal Hashmi discusses inappropriate placards at the Aurat March

Like last year Aurat March marked the celebration of International Women’s Day in Pakistan on Friday 8th March. However, this year it raised more eyebrows than the last one. Just like last previous Aurat March, this year some of the posters and placards put across by the strong and resilient women garnered attention.

Some placards went a bit overboard to poke the fragile male egos and ended up creating a controversy due to inappropriate language or imagery used in the message.

This diverted the discussion from the core message of women empowerment to the foul language used in the name of women empowerment.

In Lahore’s most-watched morning show, City@10 the anchor and TV Host Seemal Hashmi raised the point and discussed the matter, watch video:

While speaking to MediaSpring Pk, Seemal Hashmi said, “I am all up for Women empowerment and their independence but some of the demands and play cards displayed at the Aurat March do not help the cause. They have dented the whole event’s image and gained negative sentiment more than the positive one.”

Commenting about the impression such placards gave, Seemal said, “These play cards also show that how confused some of these feminists are, it is like the want freedom of western culture and security of Eastern culture.”

She added, “because of a few such elements the topic of discussion has moved to these play cards and the inappropriate messages rather than the actual issue of gender inequality and women empowerment.”

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