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Shameless Proposals – Episode 3: Mama’s Boy in Search of a Bride – or a Nanny!

Sadia Jabbar Productions’ web-series Shameless Proposals has set fire to the digital world, as it taps into our culture’s most ridiculous system of arranging marriages just for the sake of societal appearances and maybe to produce an offspring – after all, asking for a real, genuine connection with a potential significant other is obviously too much to ask for, isn’t it?

Episode 3 of Shameless Proposals, written by Sajji and Atlas, and directed by Hunny Haroon, is aptly labeled as ‘Mama’s Boy’ and quite dramatically, yet perfectly, describes the sort you’ll find everywhere around you. The man who does everything according to what his mother asks him to do, from choosing what clothes to put on in the morning, to what career path to opt for, is a boy who might hypothetically still have his chord attached to his mother. The episode is not just a satirical take on a spineless man searching for nanny in the guise of a bride, but it bashes on the proud mother as well, with her nose in the air (‘coz larkay ki maa, ya know) who pampers her son, out of love all his life, and then fails to understand how to give space when he grows up.

A mother’s love is unconditional and can never be questioned, and this episode does not support sons devaluing their parents, but it does quite bluntly give off a message for them to learn to let go when the time is right.

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