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TV hosts trio Erin, Fakhar and Zainab reflect on PSL 2019 experience, bringing cricket back home and women sports

HBL PSL is into its 4th edition already. I am not being biased here, but hey, it is one of the top leagues in the world of cricket. The quality of cricket that this event offers and the level of entertainment it provides is nothing less than great. In an event like HBL PSL, TV presenters play an important role in making the whole event more interesting. This year, the TV host team has some new names added to it. Along with Zainab who is a studio host and who also interviews players on the ground, we have Fakhar e Alam from Pakistan as her co-host, and Former Miss Australia, Erin Holland as a ground anchor.

Erin brings the Australian flavor to ground hosting of HBL PSL

Four years back when HBL PSL’s inaugural edition took place, many did not believe that it could grow to its current level in such short span of time. HBL PSL has grown so much. Ground host Erin said that things work at HBL PSL like “clockwork”. She believes that it has been a good opportunity for her to join HBL PSL at this time. She mentioned that it was the perfect timing as HBL PSL is not getting “bigger and better”.

Zainab has been with HBL PSL for all editions and the event is really close to her heart.


Erin brings the Australian flavor to ground hosting of HBL PSL. She is a part of a very talented team of TV hosts. Zainab has been with HBL PSL for all editions and the event is really close to her heart. Fakhar e Alam, on the other hand, brings in the element of freshness and entertainment to the event. Fakhar said that “it is fun to be the studio host”. He highlighted that the best part of HBL PSL is the quality of cricket we see here. “There is so much young talent in the country. In every edition of PSL, we discover some young boys with immense cricketing talent” he said. According to Fakhar, the learning experience this league is providing these young boys is great. Sharing a dressing room with international players and learning from them will help our players in polishing their cricketing skills.

According to Fakhar, the learning experience PSL is providing these young boys is great.

Hosting the event from UAE has been entertaining and rewarding for this talented team of TV hosts. They have added a certain quality to the presentation. The Pakistani duo, Zainab and Fakhar, both mentioned that true spirit of HBL PSL will be visible when this tournament will take place in Pakistan. Zainab said that “our fans back home are cricket starved and its good that international cricketers are coming to Pakistan. Every stakeholder has played a positive role in making this dream a reality”. Fakhar has said that it is vital that more and more matches of this league should be played in Pakistan. Erin said that she is looking forward to visit Pakistan’ a country she has never been too earlier.

Both the female anchors shared their views about inclusion of women in cricket, a traditionally male dominated sport. Erin said that in Australia things have changed massively and now women’s cricket is professional and it offers great quality. She also mentioned that hosting this event as a woman is also fun and exciting. Zainab said that there should be equality in the opportunities that male and female players get. “There are more commentators and presenters in sports today, which is a good sign”.

The whole team of TV anchors and host said that it has been a great experience working with each other. All three of these bring different feels and flavors to TV hosting of HBL PSL this year.

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