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Video of Sajjad Ali’s new single ‘Nakhun’ is out now featuring Rabia Butt

Sajjad Ali’s singles are always highly anticipated. Throughout his career, the legendary singer has delivered numerous hit songs which are still widely remembered.

Nakhun Poster 2

On 24th March’16, Sajjad Ali surprised his fans by posting an unexpected video message on his official facebook page stating: “My new video is coming out, but I’m thinking let’s share the audio of the song with you today itself!”. A couple of hours later he posted the audio of his upcoming video #Nakhun. The music video was officially released on 27th March’16.

Nakhun Image

Nakhun, which has been composed, written and produced by Sajjad himself, is a song about feeling and expressing helplessness in a relationship in which love seems to be slipping away. The music video has been directed by Zaw Ali and features supermodel Rabia Butt as Sajjad’s co-star.

Nakhun Poster 1

The bitter sweet relationship between both of them is evident from the first shot itself where Sajjad can be seen facing the window, while Rabia walks in the room and turns away after a while without saying a word. The dilemma of both these individuals has been captured through various shots, where they are clearly not sure whether they want to hold on to each other or let go. The video ends on a hopeful note hinting at the possibility of everything working out for both of them.

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