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[Watch Video] Ayesha Bakhsh Shares Working Women Problems & Their Solutions

Renowned news anchor turned current affairs show host and the face of GNN, Ayesha Bakhsh was part of Neo Pakistan, the morning show of Neo TV hosted by Nabeeha Ejaz, as a special guest on the show. In the show, Ayesha answered various questions and discussed her career experiences and success story at length.

While answering a question of Nabeeha Ejaz, Ayesha Bakhsh shared the kind of issues working women face in Pakistan and what she had gone through in her decade and a half long career. Aysha also pointed out what are the solutions to such problems of working women.

Here is what she had to say:


You have anything to add to this, comment below and tell us what do you think can solve problems of working women in Pakistan.

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